It was their 6th birthday a few days ago or something haha. I haven’t touched drawr in forever oops

ARTIST: Giga-P x Suzumu
TRACK: アンデッドエネミー

Undead Enemy | Giga-P x Suzumu feat. Kagamine Rin

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A request I’m surprised I hadn’t translated earlier. Here’s a translation for shr’s recent Kagamine Rin upload, Play (プレイ). It’s got the usual brand of shr catchiness, so I recommend you check it out!

Author’s Comment: “Best regards. (-人-)”

Music/Video: shr
Translation: OccasionalSubs


For a song that has been popular on the rankings lately, here’s a translation for Toa’s recent Miku upload, Patchwork Staccato (ツギハギスタッカート). It’s got some really funky Miku tuning, cute lyrics and some very catchy instrumentals to boot, so I recommend you check it out!

Author’s Comment: “Can I? Can I? Can I throw it all away?”

Music & Lyrics: Toa
Illust & Movie: sun923
Translation: OccasionalSubs



Artist: 加應子๑

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you know damn well what song this is you weeaboo piece of trash


pop’n music Sunny Park // GUMI

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